Luxury jewelry trays

In the realm of fine jewelry, the market is vast, and the competition is fierce. Standing out requires a symphony of style, quality, and unparalleled presentation. Our luxury jewelry trays are your partners in this journey, designed not just to hold but to showcase, telling a compelling story that starts with visual appeal and culminates in an unforgettable purchase experience for your customers.


To Be Packing redefines the concept of the luxury jewelry tray, bringing a fusion of Italian craftsmanship, innovative design, and your unique brand story. Our trays aren't just a purchase; they are an investment in elevating the perception and ambiance of your exclusive collections.



To Be Packing luxury jewelry trays

Our luxury trays come in an array of designs, materials, and finishes. Here are some examples of our range.

luxury jewelry Tray Classico

Tray Classico - this is a jewelry presentation tray characterized by a thin edge and a ring pillow that can be placed along the long or the short side. It is a very versatile model since it can hold various kinds of jewels, from rings, to bracelets to charms. This is also customizable in 5 different materials and more than 50 colors.


luxury ring tray

Ring Tray - this model of jewelry display tray is realized in coated wooden on edges. With 9 lines for rings, it is entirely handmade and fully customizable. For this reason, it can be available in 30-40 working days. Realize it in Alcantara, velvet or suede fabric.


luxury Stock tray

Stock tray - this jewelry display tray is composed of units and modules, this way it is possible to create a visual order that helps you and your customers to better visualize the jewels. However, if you prefer a simpler tray, you can choose not to divide it into couvettes and use the whole space for one jewel.


luxury jewelry tray - elegance

Elegance tray - this model is crafted with a solid wood edge that exudes sophistication. These versatile pieces, made in Italy, feature built-in rings on both long and short sides for diverse displays.


luxury jewelry tray - bold

Bold tray - embrace sophistication with our unique tray, boasting a wooden structure and a distinctively large frame with smooth, round corners. Offering versatility, it comes in various materials and colors, allowing you to tailor its luxury aesthetic to your personal or storefront's style narrative.


luxury jewelry flip tray

Flip tray - constructed from a finely covered wooden shell and optional built-in ring for displaying your treasures. A protective fabric flap ensures your jewelry's safety, while the option to customize with your logo adds a personal touch, accentuating your brand's luxury and style.


These trays aren’t mere display tools; they're a canvas where every jewelry piece narrates its saga, enhanced by the tray's craftsmanship, customized to reflect your brand's essence.

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The allure of customization: incorporating luxury into every detail of your jewelry trays

Experience the power of personalization. At To Be Packing, we champion the 'Made in Italy' tag not just for its universal appeal but because it echoes our commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation. Our strength lies in understanding that each jewelry store, like the jewels themselves, has a different story. This belief drives our approach to customization, offering you custom jewelry trays that are as unique as your collection.

Whether it’s engraving your logo, employing artisanal techniques, choosing eco-sustainable materials, or selecting a signature color palette, our design team is here to ensure that your brand stands out.


Join the To Be Packing family

Your collections are exquisite, and their display should be nothing less. With To Be Packing, you bring tradition, innovation, and a piece of Italian luxury to your store’s landscape. 

We are not just suppliers. Our collaboration extends beyond the transaction, offering you post-purchase support, care tips for your luxury trays, and anything to help you maximize customer engagement.


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