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To Be Packing offers a wide range of ring boxes, fully customizable, in different shapes, colors and coatings, suitable for any look and style. From the most romantic and sophisticated to the simplest and most traditional, To Be Packing offers a wide range of ring cases to choose from, in order to make your brand and your jewelry stand out and represent it at its best.


Few moments in life are as exciting as receiving a precious ring as a gift. For this reason, it is important to enhance the magic of the moment, and the ring itself, with ring cases that are just as unique, well-kept, elegant and of the highest quality. Let's discover some of our models together!




Minimal ring cases
Depending on the preciousness or style of the jewel it contains, you may decide to opt for minimal, simple ring cases that manage to maintain a timeless elegance. Here are some models.




astucci per anelli mignon

Astuccio Mignon

New from To Be Packing, Mignon is a ring box with a traditional design but with a contemporary and young style thanks to the variety of materials and colours in which it can be made




astucci per anelli


Astuccio Tao

Made from materials ranging from paper to fabric, Tao is characterised by a combination of parallelepiped shapes of different sizes that give it a simple and elegant design. The "elegance" version has a fabric lining to hold your most precious rings.





astucci per anelli


Astuccio Easy

Among the ring cases, Easy is the most classic, designed for those who love traditional packaging, with attention to every detail. It is made of rigid cardboard, with a square or rectangular lid and bottom. The "elegance" version has an even more refined fabric lining.






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Elaborate ring boxes
Important occasions call for more elaborate packaging that is both refined and elegant. In these ring cases, for example, velvet meets wood tones, embroidery and personalised prints.



astucci per anelli skyline


Astuccio Skyline

Clean and elegant lines make Skyline one of the most versatile ring cases for emotional moments. It has a wide range of colours, materials and sizes for rings and jewellery of various sizes and types.







astucci per anelli


Astuccio Aria

The wood finish and the use of fine materials such as Nappan and Saffiano make the Aria extremely sophisticated and elegant, ideal for occasions to remember. In addition, it can be made even more precious by upholstery in sophisticated colour combinations, personalised prints and embroidery.






Ring boxes to personalise
Giving or receiving a ring is always an emotional moment. So why not personalise the packaging according to its contents? With To Be Packaging, you can customise your ring cases, choosing not only the colour and size, but also the shape and materials: velvet, wood, cardboard, embroidery and prints all contribute to making a dream come true.


Give your customers an unforgettable experience: choose our ring cases.




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