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Explore our selection of high-quality bags, versatile and eye-catching, designed to elevate your brand as a custom gift or as an accessory for your customers.

Luxury bags

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Luxury drawstring bags

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Luxury pochette bags

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High-quality custom tote bags, pochettes and pouches

Welcome to the world of Poly Jersey, a revolutionary stretch fabric available in an endless array of colors, primed for your creative expressions! Our cutting-edge laser printers empower us to transform this synthetic canvas, originally white, into a vibrant canvas that showcases any hue, design, motif, or logo with precision.

In addition, it lends itself to the creation of props, gadgets for your jewelry business. You can make clutch bags, bags with your logo to give as a thoughtful gift or sell as an accessory to your customers.


Choose your custom bag and make it 100% yours

To Be Packing's collection includes these kinds of bags:

  • BORSA- Fashion-forward and functional, our high-quality tote bags allow you to carry any essentials in style. Ideal for daily use, shopping sprees, or gifting.
  • SACCA - Versatile and durable, our bags combine practicality with a touch of sophistication. These bags effortlessly hold any item while giving a sense of laid-back elegance.
  • POCHETTE - Designed to complement your lifestyle while keeping your belongings secure. Perfect for carrying essentials on-the-go.

Elevate your brand, customize To Be Packing high-quality bags.

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