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The DISPLAY couvette is perfect for cherishing and enhancing your jewelry. This couvette is designed with clean and elegant lines that do not steal the scene from the jewels but exalt their personality. 

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Couvette DISPLAY: different sizes, different materials, different colors

Couvette DISPLAY is available in three different sizes, with a variable number of compartments to expose all the bracelets, necklaces or rings you want.

But the personalization does not end here: this line of couvette can also be coated with different materials from various colors, such as cotton, Velvet, Saffiano, Setalux or Nappan. The DISPLAY couvettes are perfect for sophisticated but also practical showcases, where each product is immediately at your fingertips.


Make the couvette the mirror of your brand

Like the other jewelry display trays, the DISPLAY couvette can also be customized with printed Forex: you can apply all the elements that make up the image of your brand, like your logo, your pay off or a background image.

Customize your couvettes is the best way to give them a strong, unique, distinguishable personality: your very personality.



materials and colors
Letherette Coverlim 11
Leatherette Nappan
Suede fabric
Nappan Tecto
Microfibre textile Bukana
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