watches roll

Watch rolls can hold up to six watches, depending on the size of the case. They are ideal as travel caskets because they keep watches tidy but also protect them from damage. Each roll has a perfect cylindrical shape, with impeccable, durable stitching. The closure is simple, a tear-off with a buckle.

For your jewelry, you can choose from two versions of the watch rolls: leatherette outside and microfiber inside, or genuine leather. Combined with the other products in the series, such as clutch bags, couvettes and other displays, the watch rolls are an asset to your brand identity.

Customized watch rolls
Of course, like all To Be Packing products, watch holder rolls can be requested with very wide margins for customization. Our designers are at your disposal to work out a fully customized packaging, choose together with you the most suitable materials and colors that will enhance your watches and the visual identity of your jewelry store the most.

Watch rolls 100% Made in Italy
To Be Packing has been active in the Italian and international market for over fifteen years. The main ingredient of To Be Packing's design and products is undoubtedly the very high quality of Made in Italy.

It is a tradition of craftsmanship that never loses sight of innovation: all these elements can be found in the elegance, quality and style of the roll holders, unique products that are available in many versions and that can become a real element of recognition for your jewelry.

A watch roll is the ideal accessory for those who wish to carry their precious timepieces with them while traveling. Whether you are a watch enthusiast or simply want to safeguard your watch, a watch roll is a must-have accessory. It offers safe protection for your watch while traveling and has a stylish aesthetic that adds charm to your luggage.



materials and colors
Leatherette Nappan
Microfibre textile Bukana
Suede fabric
Nappan Tecto
Letherette Coverlim 11
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