Earring display FARO

The FARO earring display focuses all the attention on th earrings exposed.

The base is reduced to a minimum not to steal the spotlight, while the slim stem gives air and light to the hanging jewelry. Its simplicity doesn't preclude the attention to small, sophisticated details such as the fabric pad on the base, which is customizable with different material and colour options.

Available in different materials and textures, you can choose the combination that best enhances all aspects of the earrings in the window, to catch the attention.

Our range of personalizations available allows to play with extravagant and sophisticated elements, to make every earring display unique and esthetically flawless, just like the jewelry exposed: delicate streaks of colour, hints of patterns, pearl and satin finishes, sophisticated colour palettes, soft coverings, pleasant to both eye and touch.

Enrich your composition

For an even more dynamic visual effect we advise you to choose earring displays of different heights and sizes: not only will they create a less static composition, but will also enhance even more the protagonists of the window, without overshadowing the accessories that accompany them.

In combination with the earring display FARO, it's possible to request a rectangular perfectly coordinated base, to easily move more displays, from the window to the counter, at the same time. 



materials and colors
Leatherette Nappan
Suede fabric
Microfibre textile Bukana
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