Jewelry display set

The jewelry display sets are the projection of your store on the outside. The more your showcase is cured, well set up, the more the eye of passersby is attracted to it: the potential customer is more motivated to enter.

In this section, you can find our variety of displays for jewelry, with assorted colors and materials, and always customizable. You will find the excellence of our production that is 100% Made in Italy, and the whole range of our products with which to assemble your jewelry display set: jewelry displays, cases, couvette, rolls.

Setting up shop jewelry display set is important: in addition to enhancing the elegance and quality of your jewelry, they are the vehicle of your brand identity and must provide a coordinated image, in terms of color and style, respectively to your logo, to the tonalities of the furnishings and to the packaging of your products.


A jewelry display set conveys the identity of your brand

Each showcase conveys a message: it communicates to potential customers what is the identity of that jewelry. For this reason, it is important to have manicured and pleasant jewelry display set.

A well-prepared showcase, made with fine materials and excellent workmanship, conveys the impression of a jewelry with a decided personality and a varied offer, managed with great taste by an owner who nourishes a visceral passion for his work: attentive to the customer and his needs, and able to find the right solutions for each client.

A shoddy window, vice versa, is the sign of a neglected shop, an impromptu project, without motivation. A jewelry without passion: even the most beautiful jewel would be penalized in a window that was not at its height.


The importance of a coordinated image

To strengthen the brand image in the minds of your customers, and simultaneously create a nice visual effect, you can coordinate the jewelry display set with the basic elements of your visual identity: the set up can call the lines and the colors of the logo, the shades of the furniture of the jewelry, the style of the packaging.

All this reinforces the idea of professionalism linked to the store, and attracts the clientele, often distracted in the multitude of shops located on the same street or in the same mall.


The elements of a jewelry display set

To set up varied jewelry display set, with quality products, you can choose from an assortment of products:

  • Display sets for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings
  • Jewelry cases and boxes
  • Couvette
  • Jewelry rolls and watches rolls
  • Clutch bag

Our jewelry display set are available in various shapes and lines, to satisfy all tastes: with fixed or sliding back, rounded or square, airy or compact, traditional and romantic or modern and innovative, with a bursting personality or a minimal one.

Our variety of materials and colors

One of the highlights of our production is the wide range of materials and colors available to set up your jewelry display set. The warmth of the Alcantara, the elegance of the leather, the softness of the velvet: these are just some of the materials with which to upholster the displays for your jewelry, starting from solid bases in wood or steel. You can also choose coatings made of Nappan, Setalux, Microfiber, Pig, Saffiano, Bukana.

And the rainbow of colors is also exterminated: for each material, warm or cold tones, dark or light, neutral or vivid pastel colors are available. An example? Setalux counts as many as 22 different shades.


Personalized jewelry display sets

What if the proposed solutions do not convince you to the end? We also thought about this: when we set up a jewelry display set, we also offer a wide range of customizations. You can request, at any time, a project tailored to your high-class jewelry: we will be happy to deal with you to find the solution that most reflects your personality and the characteristics of your clientele.

Choosing between the availability of materials and colors proposed we can pack together a unique display of its kind: your kind.

To Be Packing: 100% Italian jewelry display set

The quality of our jewelry shop windows is not the result of accidental combinations: our mission is to bring to the best jewellers the excellence of the jewelry products. Our workforce is highly specialized and the production is completely Italian.

We combine the love for the artisanship of production processes with the most innovative industrial technologies: a combination that has become our distinctive element, appreciated in Italy and abroad.



These are the most popular bases. Available in 4 sizes, you may place them side by side in modular se...


The Base Re is available in four different formats.Suspended base, composed of a wooden core covered ...


The Principe Bases are made entirely of wood, covered with different materials as desired.The added v...


BILBAO BASE is our jewelry display set structured as a wooden base, available in two different format...

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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NEW YORK jewelry display set has a suspended base raised by a thin 8mm panel. The soft shapes and the...


Ottoman base characterized by rounded corners that make the regular shapes of the supports and backre...


The Barcelona Base is characterized by soft and round shapes.As for all To Be Packing showcases, it ...


The Base Otto is a wood core base which can be covered in different materials and colors.Its square s...

Display with sliding back

The new jewelry display set with elegant and refined lines, consisting of a backrest and a wooden bas...


Ottomano Back is a wide and clean back that enhances each component of the display. This is a magneti...


Barcelona Back  is characterized by a padded surface.Barcelona is ideal if you are looking for classy...


Otto Back is a wide rounded backrest, which makes the display classy and chic and enhances jewels.Ott...


Modern, minimal and creative multiuse frames made by chromed grills, covered frame and printed forex.


Plexiglass photo frame with a linear and clean shape.Different solutions to create your own personali...


An elegant triangular base supports the photo frame in unbreakable plexiglass. Practical and elegant ...


Elegant covered back with magnetic bases and built frame. Possibility of printing your logo in the op...


Elegant and classic varnished or covered inclined photo frame that will permit you to modify the styl...


An important frame with geometric and elegant lines. Available in either varnished or covered by pres...


This Photo frame with a modern and captivating design is composed of a covered external frame and a l...


Item especially designed for showcases. Slightly inclined with two varnished external bands.


To Be Frame is a backlit display characterized by sober and elegant lines; this photo frame is the ri...


DUNE jewelry display set has a wooden back, covered with different materials, with a narrow and elong...


Creative and dynamic back in chromed metal with magnetic base.


How couldn’t we be fascinated by the new and alternative Multivetrina display? This jewelry display s...


Portofino is a showcase with a classic yet contemporary design. The back, available both horizontally...


Parigi jewelry display set has soft and oval lines. It is romantic as the town it takes the name from...


Gèneve is a minimal jewelry display set studied with hollow and regular shapes, designed to give extr...

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