Necklace display cases

Of all jewelry, necklaces need the most space to show off their beauty. Choose a display case that will make them shine: To Be Packing is here to help you.

Necklace cases are designed to give your jewelry the elegance it deserves. They can be requested as part of a collection or on their own, they can be personalized or chosen from our design proposals.

Which necklace display case is right for you? Here are some examples.


Our necklace display cases

Don't sacrifice the beauty of your jewelry when you're not wearing it. Proudly display your personal sense of aesthetics, elegantly demonstrate the purest character of your style with necklace cases that express the harmony of your jewelry.


CLUB ELEGANCE necklace case

The design of the CLUB ELEGANCE necklace display case is fresh and innovative, ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist yet out-of-the-ordinary beauty. CLUB cases are made up of two square structures that fit together perfectly, leaving a gap in perfect balance with the rest of the elements.



GIROTONDO necklace display case 

For those who adore soft, sinuous lines, our designers have created GIROTONDO, a line of attractive, round necklace cases to store your necklaces in a way that will remind you of the special moment when you wear them.



PARIGINO jewelry display case

Do you think romance is slowly fading away? The PARIGINO line of necklace cases is a tribute to the sophistication of yesteryear in elegant packaging with a distinctly vintage feel. The nappa leather exterior and the Satin lining give your necklaces an elegant touch that is a must for true lovers of gallantry.



GOLD necklace display cases

The wooden structure of these boxes gives a solid and delicately sophisticated look to your most precious jewelry, without ever being excessive. The possibility of lining the GOLD necklace cases with the finest materials allows for great personalisation possibilities, while the red ribbon is a touch of class that gently wraps around the whole package.



SNAP display boxes 

SNAP's design is minimal and modern. Thanks to its clean simplicity it is able to highlight all the special features of your jewelry. These necklace cases also offer a wide range of customisation options to give you the opportunity to coordinate them with the rest of your collection.



Bespoke necklace cases

To Be Packing gives you the opportunity to choose all the elements that make up your jewelry boxes, to ensure your collections are in perfect harmony. The atmosphere in the shop, as well as the air you breathe in front of your collection, should reflect the feelings you have when you wear a necklace for the first time. 

Choose all the elements of your necklace display cases carefully and offer your customers the best experience.


Where to find the best necklace display cases

To Be Packing makes creative, high quality necklace display cases, packaging and boxes for jewelry, combining design and tradition with a natural penchant for attention to detail. To Be Packing's goal is to make each customer unique, so that each brand can give voice to its own peculiarities through the packaging of its jewelry.


Looking for necklace cases? Try the quality of To Be Packing.


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  • Exclusive design
  • Personalization also for low quantities.
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